Saturday, November 12, 2011

All new IOS 5

Now available the new version of Apple's operating system for mobile devices. iOS 5 brings over 200 new features, among which icloud . To access the update there is no need to connect the device to the computer and search iTunes.

Apple announced iOS 5 last June in the WWDC 2011 developer conference. It was in the last presentation led by former CEO and cofounder of Apple, Steve Jobs , who retired in August and died on October 5.

One of the most important of IOS is the arrival of icloud , the cloud service from Apple that allows applications to save content beyond devices. The files are automatically stored in Apple's servers, allowing to link them other devices automatically.

Thus, if a user creates a text document or make a photo with a device, automatically this file is saved in the cloud and can be accessed from another.

Another of the most striking is the unified notifications screen, which is very similar to the Google operating system for mobile. Now reports are combined in a sliding menu that pops from the top.

On the other hand, Apple has finally integrated Twitter into your operating system so that the user can upload content directly to the network of 'microblogging' from within other programs.

Several interesting applications have come up with iOS 5. This is the case of reminders and tasks, IMessage -one chat between IOS devices including iPod Touch, which works over Wi-Fi or 3G, or the kiosk to download newspapers or magazines. They join a number of improvements in many applications such as calendar, e-mail or the Game Center.

Apple has also improved its roll of film , so it is now possible to edit images directly without having to resort to other applications. In addition, improved camera, with options as basic as a shortcut by pressing the volume buttons to not having to find the application icon.


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