Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A fault location system could cause problems 4S iPhone Battery

A failure in the system location of new iOS 5 time zones may be responsible for the problems that some users of the iPhone 4S are experimenting with the duration of the battery of the device.

The 'Setting Time Zone' is a system enabled by default in the new 'smartphone' for Apple to automatically detect time changes when the user moves to other countries, and could be the source of the problem.

With the arrival of the fourth-generation iPhone in June 2010, Apple had to face the problem that was known as 'Antennagate'.

The iPhone 4 had problems with its antenna and hold that when talking on the phone was lost coverage. After the big splash made ​​the iPhone 4 problem was solved. But a new problem arises again with the newly released iPhone 4S.

Many users have complained about the rapid consumption of the battery despite disable location services and even the new voice recognition system, Siri. But the problem appears to be located in a tool available in IOS responsible for detecting 5 different time zones automatically when the user changes the country.

The tool is called 'Setting Time Zone' and could be the source of the problem, as recorded by the British newspaper The Guardian .

This tool would work even when there is no possibility that the user is in a different time zone and consume battery in the process.

An icon next to the tool-like the arrow icon that identifies the user's location-indicates whether the tool has been used in the last 24 hours and suggests that it is running to access the phone's location, even when apparent reason to do so.

The use of location services is fully integrated in IOS much like the iPhone 5 4S but many users say that is excessive battery consumption. On the Web section of the Apple Support Communities' theme of the iPhone's battery is the most talked-4S. Apple has so far made no comment, but according to The Guardian the company's engineers have begun to contact some people who have been experiencing this problem.


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