Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Is there a future desktop PC?

But then came the notebooks so you could do the same work lying on the couch, while traveling on the train or plane. And then came the phones. And then the internet. And smartphones. And the tablets. The poor PC , the old desktop personal computer is lagging behind.

"Before and applications programs existed only in the PC," said Ranjit Atwal, a Gartner researcher who analyzed the market for PC. "But that's not true."

Sales figures suggest that the current abundance of these other devices are causing households hesitate before buying a PC . Atwal said Gartner expects a significant decrease in the last months of 2011 and 2012, the number of PCs that consumers buy.

That is strange when you consider the PC that are causing the technological advances and recession. "The PC is being standardized in such a way that can be sold at lower prices," notes Atwal. "And that has been exacerbated by the economic crisis."

Although the PC is inexpensive and is becoming even more economical , it is attracting the attention of prospective buyers. "Instead we are buying other products," said the expert.

In the background
in these difficult times, people seem reluctant to use their money to buy something they already have. Evidence suggests that they are using it, rather, to buy items that do not have, such as tablets and smartphones.

The bad news does not end there . More data that shows how PCs are being relegated to the background information comes from Crucial capture, store 'online'a for computer memory.

Produce software that customers can download and install to collect information about your system and uses the information to advise their clients about what they should buy to improve the performance of your PC.

Crucial spokesman, Roddy Maclean, said the report also offers a look at making noise in the tens of thousands of computers.

Statistics suggest that more and more people are staying with your old computer instead of spending on a new one. "About 50% of the updated systems in the last year are about four years," he says. "It increased from 40% last year."

Many people, he says, seem to be buying specific parts of the PC to work better. This makes sense, says Maclean, thanks to the great variety of tasks that people do with your PC.

Game Development

"Usually there is a point that causes people to modernize (their teams)," he explains. "Often it is the frustration of seeing your system has started to become slow or the demands of the system are getting older. "

"More than ever, people use their PC as a tool for a much wider range of applications.'s Computer desktop has become a beast of burden."

"All this is generating a growing demand for more powerful computers and to the number of activities that people expect to do with their systems," says Maclean.


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