Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New gloves for touch screen use freeze you without fingers

If there is anything particularly troublesome in winter, when it's cold, you have to take the gloves off to use the phone, tablet or touch screen ipod. A garment as necessary to keep hands calentitas had become a barrier for users of these devices. Until now. The Japanese company Muji and France's Isotoner gloves that have created shelter and enable the use of touch technology comfortably, thanks to a special material on the fingertips.

The Japanese are called " Touch "are wool, cost 20 euros, and there are six colors to choose from. Explains the brand on their website, they have some "sensors" embedded in the fingers to "facilitate" the use of tactile devices.

The French company, meanwhile, introduced a week ago the " SmartTouch ". Gloves that have some "threads" in the index and thumb to the screen recognize your finger, and a non-slip material on the palm to prevent the unit from running. They come in different models, colors and fabrics: leather, knit, acrylic, lycra, and even fleece, and are available from 14.90 euros. An invention that is sure to become one of the gifts this Christmas star.


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