Friday, November 11, 2011

The Republicans lost their battle to overturn the net neutrality in the U.S.

Republicans have lost the game. The U.S. Senate has rejected a proposed law intended to curb the government could defend the neutrality of the Net 52 senators voted against it and 46, which made ​​him a favor. President Obama had warned that it would apply its veto if the standard prospered. The above text has already been approved by the House of Representatives, where Republicans are the majority.

The defense by the administration of the principle of Net Neutrality clashes with the opposition of the major operators in the country. Comcast won a lawsuit after the Federal Communications Commission intends to impose a sanction Comcast for discriminating against traffic that went to BitTorrent.

The principle of net neutrality advocates that telecom operators can not discriminate traffic to harm some certain services over others. The only exception allowed is the management of this traffic to avoid breakdowns in communications. This agency intends to pursue to penalize operators that services such as downloads or facilitate the access speed of sites that have economic interests.

The argument of the supporters to overturn the initiative of the CFC and those who defend their application are similar. Both feel that their choice is best to defend a free internet. Republicans mostly opposed to the agency to impose this policy, believe that the Internet must be outside of government regulations. The White House has argued that a neutral Internet is central to economic growth and competition. Believes that maintaining the neutrality of the Red promotes freedom of expression and innovation. The rules of the agency admits the principle restrictions on the mobile phone network.


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