Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Siri Apple: Google's murderer?

The president of Google , Eric Schmidt, has said that the new voice recognition service from Apple, Siri, is a "competitive threat" in the Internet search industry. Even Schmidt cited two publications have claimed that Siri is a "murderer of Google."

These statements were made ​​by Schmidt during the Senate hearing on the alleged abuses of power by the search giant last September, as recorded by AppleInsider . The former CEO of Google believes that the personal assistant Siri is a "significant breakthrough" in the search and could pose a threat to their core business.

In that sense, Siri, bought by Apple in 2010, came to light in October as the main feature of the new iPhone 4S . The president noted that "Syria is a development, an important means for accessing voice-activated responses via the iPhone that shows innovation in search."

Strong competitors
Furthermore, the current president of Google said that his company has "many strong competitors," and sometimes your company fails to anticipate the threat of such competition, as it raises new methods of access to information.

In that sense, the company competes with search engines such as Bing or Yahoo! , specialized search engines such as Amazon and eBay , with social networks like Facebook and Twitter , with software companies like A pple and Microsoft, with mobile applications , among others.

Similarly, the head of Android, Andy Rubin , rejected Siri last month, it does not believe that cell "must be attending." Schmidt, meanwhile, denied in a letter that Google has a "dominant position in the smartphone market" based on a study comparing the success rate associated with buying and keyword searches, placing third.

On the other hand, the current report has shown that Android has the largest market share of smartphones, with 43.7 percent in August. The difference comes mainly from the 'tablets' of Apple, which have a market advantage against the 'tablets' Android.


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