Friday, November 11, 2011

Twitter users rush to create new accounts in the manner of @ nanianorajoy

The campaign lives on the Internet a few days of continuous tragicomedies, caused pray for the new videos of the PP and PSOE prays for closing an account on Twitter that parodied Mariano RajoyThe disappearance of this social network account @ nanianorajoy on Thursday was seen by many Twitterers as censorship in any rule, and during Friday's comments have not ceased to demand its reopening in favor of freedom of expression and the imitation of parody in other accounts. # freenaniano (released Naniano) was the topic of the day on Twitter, where users of the network asked around pretending this anonymous, jokingly, the leader of the PP . Throughout Thursday and Friday, have taken to create new accounts with names similar to Rajoy. MarainoRajoy @ , @ NanianoReturns , @ MairenaRajoy or  @ NanianoRajoy2 have been some new characters who now campaigns for Twitter imitating the candidate PP , while insisting that original mate again.


Due to the event on Thursday, Eduardo Baeza, a member of the Executive Cabinet of the Presidency of the PP, confirmed that his party filed a complaint against the first profile funny. "Of course there are complaints, but then is Twitter who investigates and decides whether or not to close an account "he assured through your account on that social network..


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