Friday, November 11, 2011

A virus called 100 euros to rescue the data

The National Institute of Communication Technology (INTEC), based in León, has warned of the discovery of Ramson AN, a virus hijacks the Windows operating system and calls for a ransom of $ 100 in 48 hours. Failure to pay the stated amount, the virus deletes all data on your computer. This strain of virus is documented in a while. Last year a version circulated in the Russian market detected by Panda.

Inteco has warned of another Trojan, JoyHard, also for Windows, which installs as a normal program, making the user believe that you can download Internet content more quickly, when you actually install a keystroke logger (keylogger) that sends the keystrokes on the infected computer to a remote computer, allowing, for example, find passwords typed from the keyboard.


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