Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Welcome to the World War III

Have been months of news, sales forecasts and comparison with its closest rivals, but has finally been released Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 , the end of a trilogy battle selling and most experienced in the current video game systems (runs PC, PS3 and Xbox 360).

Everything in this release seems to epic proportions, since its launch numbers, with over 5 million copies intended for sale within 24 hours and over 13,000 worldwide stores open at twelve o'clock of November 8 , the development budget or the number of members of each of the teams make a success of this project, over 200.

However, with the game already on the street, these figures do not matter and is enjoying one of the most intense games and expected this year . This is also one of the most comprehensive titles seen in recent times , several modes of play that we will accumulate hours in front of our screens almost without realizing it.

Campaign: World War III

On the one hand is the campaign mode, where you fight the most important battles of World War III. In the skin of different Allies soldiers try to stop the Russian offensive on U.S. soil, then attack the enemy's heart .

Each scene will seem drawn from the best productions of 'Hollywood' , with explosions everywhere, many plot twists, exciting shootouts ... Its only drawback is its short duration, less than six hours of play .

However, this is a detail forgivable because the rest of game modes and multiplayer Special Ops 'online'. In both cases we are proposing to share game with friends.

The Red

In Special Ops we will work with a partner in various missions drawn from the story mode or to relentless waves of enemies.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the holder will try to fight for victory in a competitive manner against up to 18 simultaneous players . The variety of game options is overwhelming and the pace of exciting games, forming one of the most interesting offers in the field of online gaming.

Small hit

But we're not talking about a perfect game, far from it. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has its small moles to improve. Is the case of technical section, something stuck in the past , but not at odds in excess of the amount of production.

What it will be a small problem, at least for novices, will be making initial contact with the title . Not because of the accessibility of the controls or by imperfections in the game, but the amount of content included (16 maps in competitive multiplayer only) and the legion of fans who are playing from the start . Therefore not surprising that in our games we fall again and again.

If you hold this little obstacle to learning the peculiarities of the title from Activision, we have before us an experience that could keep us entertained for the remainder of the year and much of the next .


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