Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Adobe Flash Player to leave mobile operating systems and will focus on HTML5

Although the news has not been officially confirmed by the company, it is much more than a rumor. According to a company's internal memo leaked and published by ZDNet , Adobe discontinued development of the mobile browser versions of Flash Player , the popular tool to reproduce multimedia content.

Thus, the company would stop their projects related to Flash to Android and QNX (operating system Playbook, the tablet Blackberry ) and would focus on promoting the development of products based on HTML5 . Adobe also try to give more importance to Adobe Air a tool to create Flash versions of products that are compatible with all types of operating systems.

Although this movement Adobe is being interpreted by many as a posthumous victory of Steve Jobs , who always criticized harshly Flash Player and did not include support for that software in IOS ( thus causing a battle between Apple and Adobe ), the company will continue its efforts Flash for desktop operating systems.

Also made ​​public some other data indicate that Adobe will occur shortly a reorganization of the company and a change of strategy focused on two business areas that address issues such as the creation and provision of tools for content production or future projects in the cloud.


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