Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Huawei denies cooperation with Iran on spying on citizens

The company recently was accused Huawei to provide the authorities of the Iranian regime electronic and mobile phone to spy on the citizens of Iran . The Chinese company has issued a statement in which he denies everything and says its business there are no different than it has in other parts of the world .

The charge is based on a Huawei has contracts with the Iranian government and which provide the provision of various electronic resources , including devices for mobile phones, according to the newspaper The Wall Street Journal .

The Chinese company has denied in a statement that their activities have nothing to do with what has been said in recent days . "Huawei's work in Iran is not different from our work in any other market," said the company.

Huawei says that is related to a number of organizations within Iran . However, the company insists they are only involved "in research and development, production and sales of telecommunications Equipment for commercial and civilian use in Iran and other markets where they operate."

According to some reports, like those given in The Next Web , the Chinese company has built a strong position in the Iranian nation, although the company claims to have lost two major contracts this year.

The theme of spying citizens by governments and state agencies also present in other places . Recently, some hackers found information that allowed them to accuse Germany of watching ordinary people. It was also noted as a virtual network to monitor suspicious to the FBI .


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