Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Facebook in no hurry to enter China

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's chief executive, said that in no hurry to operate in China . "Right now we still have much room for growth in other countries, so this is not a priority that worries us," Zuckerberg said in an interview on U.S. television network PBS.

However, another company policy that accompanied the chief executive, Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook qualified that wish to operate in China in an indefinite period. Sandberg said: "If our mission is to connect the world, can not pretend connecting without China . " He also claimed that the absence of the social network in the country of China is a political decision by the Beijing government. The directive stated that " we are not accessible because they have decided . "

Zuckerberg hinted at China's censorship against Internet Group companies say that if Facebook decided to set up in China, should take into account the conditions under which it would do and decide whether to accept or not .

Facebook chief executive also talked about entry into the company's stock, explaining that it is committed to their workers, who have paid with securities of the company. In turn he said: " We have not promised to do in the short term . "

Finally, Zuckerberg discussed his relationships with other technology groups in the West Coast, such as Amazon and Apple, which seems to make more associations. As he said: "There are many discussions with both companies try to find ways to do more things together . "

Also alluded to Google and Google + social network, "I think Google is trying to build a small Facebook", noting that Google + is very competitive .


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