Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The email address the world's longest: 76 characters

A Bank of China branch in a province of the country received criticism for using a long email indecipherable characters mailbox 76 complaints, a Chinese Internet email has dubbed "the longest in the world," reported Tuesday Chinese press.

The address to which citizens who had to go find a counterfeit bill in Fujian (southeast China), was published in microblogs of the country and became one of the most debated issues in recent days Chinese social networks, said newspaper South China Morning Post .

The email address of the mailbox in question is so long that it can not be inserted without the layout of this site suffer the consequences of a progression of 76 characters without spaces.

Scored by the parties. Before the at sign demenecial the mailbox has this sequence of letters and numbers: 0xLJB3F6C4C9D3EBCFD6BD . Then you must add this one: F0B9DCC0EDzFJPJKFBCNYXJGL . Finalmante after the @ : .

It was found on a website (where it would be easy to copy to paste into an email), but in a sign of the branch in the street , so they had to "memorize" or point to use it.

"The ultimate test"

Mail is not only difficult to use because of its length, but also because alternate lowercase and capital letters used several times the character "0" (zero), easily confused with a letter O, so that some users have defined it as " the ultimate test for patience and persistence of a person " .

Branch managers explained that it was all they came up with an email in Chinese characters but this was automatically coded combinations of letters and numbers by computers, becoming the rigmarole mentioned without them noticing.

Complaints and mockery prompted the bank, one of the largest in China, change the address for a shorter, though not very pronounced, at least in the first part (


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