Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ubuntu is available for smartphones, 'tablets' and intelligent TV

The founder of the company and the Foundation Canonical Ubuntu, Mark Shuttleworth, said that in the next edition of Ubuntu Developer Summit , Ubuntu developers convention in Orlando, announced plans to bring the Ubuntu Linux distribution to smartphones , tablets and smart TVs.

This progress has made ​​in an interview for the portal ZDNet , which Shuttleworth has stated that his intentions are to improve the stability of Ubuntu and improving their desktop interface . After achieving these goals, Canonical will focus on taking the system for all types of devices.

From the computer company is committed to the second quarter of 2012 to distribute a new version of Ubuntu tailored to ARM processors smartphones, tablets and televisions.

The new version will be touch and available for all devices that currently runs Ubuntu. In addition, we are already working with partners from hardware to bring products to market with Ubuntu as the operating system itself. In 2014, the Linux distribution could become a new player in the sector and try to stand up to IOS or Android.

"This is a natural expansion of our concept of Ubuntu. People have moved from the desktop into new formats so it is important for us to reach the community through these platforms. Therefore, we accept the challenge of Ubuntu use in smartphones , 'tablets' and intelligent screens, "said Shuttleworth in his interview with ZDNet.

As for the competition that keeps Ubuntu with the rest of technology companies, the company founder and Ubuntu Linux Canonical, Mark Shuttleworth, said that the world of the devices is "very competitive and dynamic" , because while Android and iOS dominate the handheld devices, Ubuntu and Windows "can be real power."


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