Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Google Street View works on a project to show the inside of shops and restaurants

The team of Google Street View is working on a pilot project to include on their maps panoramic images from inside buildings or tents. This new feature is an extension of the technology used in Google Street View, which allows users to see street-level images of cities.

For the team of Google Street View street level view of the world's cities are not sufficient to provide the best possible experience for its users. He is now working to include this view in the interior of shops, hotels, gyms , etc.. In this way, users of Google Maps tool you can see how they are inside stores located in the location you have searched through Google Street View.

Despite being a pilot project, Google has already thought about the issue of privacy. The existing service Street View Google has made ​​some complaints about this issue is concerned, as some users claimed that this technology was intrusive . However, Google has said, as recorded by the BBC that the new project is based on the decision of the owners who want to build their online presence.

"Based on the Google Art Project , which was Google Street View to 17 famous museums , this project is another creative implementation of Street View technology to help companies to build their own online presence , "just as said a company spokesman. "We expect companies to highlight the qualities that make their location stand grace high quality images . "

At the moment for the launch of this service, Street View team has chosen to settle in cities like London, Paris and other locations in Japan, Australia, New Zealand and the U.S.. In the latter case, Google is starting to get in touch with leading companies in the country.

Restaurants, hotels, shops, gyms and repair of vehicles are included in Google Street View. However, the company has ruled out big names at the moment along with hospitals and law offices , which also will be included.

Google says that business owners will be responsible for warning their customers and employees about the performance of the pictures when there are people inside. The company has pledged that it will pixelate the faces of customers . The photo sessions to be held within the business will be made ​​with fisheye lenses and wide , as well as still images. Business owners can also upload their own images to. Google says that all photographs become the property of the company and can be used for other applications.

"Many retailers are increasing their online presence and use of technological innovations , so this is a tool that some companies undoubtedly will study with interest, "says the British Retail Consortium spokesman, Sarah Cordey.


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