Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Google turns to jump into the television market

Google is making another effort to transfer their knowledge on the web to television, hoping to capitalize on a vast new market, despite the lukewarm reception that gave consumers their first offer.

The Internet search engine has released a revamped version of its Google TV service. The company has introduced new features aimed at making the product easier to use and more attractive to consumers.

The new version 2.0 of Google TV provides new tools for recommending movies, TV shows and videos online to television viewers, and allows developers of software creating new applications for the television screen.

"There are very anxious to use the web in the living room," said the vice president of product management at Google, Mario Queiroz, who is in charge of Google TV.

But in a sign of the many challenges that have thwarted Google's ambition to conquer the living room as well as other technology companies-including Apple-Google Queiroz has described television as "a long-term bet."

No release date

"I do not know what month exactly take off," said last week during a demonstration of the new product in the Google headquarters in Mountain View, California. "I think there has been great progress over the last year and this coming year there will be more, "he said.

Google TV, which is now incorporated in some models of Sony televisions and decoders Logitech International, allows consumers to access videos online and Web sites on their TVs, and play with specialized applications.

Google does not disclose how many users have for Google TV, which was launched with great fanfare last year. But some analysts say that version 1.0 of the product has been a failure. "The fire they were trying to start or even get a spark," said Forrester Research analyst James McQuivey.

The $ 299 (213.6 euros) for the device less expensive for Google TV was too high , said McQuivey (since then, Logitech has reduced the price of your device to 71.4 euros).


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