Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nokia has a flexible screen smartphones

A company representative explained that the intent of this technology is not to replace the touch screen but to complement it. It is intended for situations where the user can not use either the touch screen, and in extreme cold conditions that require you to wear gloves.

For the demonstration, the prototype had a display connected to a computer via a cable. That is, the circuits were not under the screen that was being bent. Failing to see how it solves it, the truth is that the image of the screen is not much resented that was folded and responded very well control.

The 'software' for the demonstration included a music player and an image gallery. In both cases the commands are very similar : up and down, just had to make twisting in different directions, to select a content had to bend in the center of the screen and go back, just had to doubling the center out.

All these commands respond with great sensitivity and precision amazing . It is difficult to imagine how you would control a 'smartphone' comfort with this interface.

On the other hand, the company also had a sample of another prototype, which in this case was not present in functional form. In this case a drop-shaped device, transparent, in which everything is screen and is flexible.

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