Saturday, November 12, 2011

The first issue of Superman comic book comes to online auction

The first issue of the comic Superman which was released in June 1938 and was robbed eleven years ago this Saturday is sold in an online auction that will by completed on November 30 , informed the firm that organized the auction.

It is "a copy of this legendary comic book, which was stolen in 2000 and was recovered after being sold, "according to a press release distributed by the company and ComicConnect Metropolis Collectibles.

He came to offer rewards for the copy when it was stolen also explained that this copy is number one in the Action Comics series, is in very good condition and that "she was stolen from its owner, a collector of West Coast, and by then was paid $ 150,000, which was the highest price ever paid for a book of this kind. "

According to experts, the first issue of Comic Series Action now could reach a price of up to $ 1.5 million .

The president of the auction house, Stephen Fishler, said that issue, dated June 1938, was sought after robbery and that he even offered rewards for anyone who could bring back the prized comic book Superman .

Fishler told that on April 1 Californian businessman contacted him to sell the material he had acquired at auction and then found that "between the boxes, was the number one Action Comics, which had been stolen in 2000."

"After searching for so many years, we were very surprised to see the book," said the expert, who stressed that "is in almost perfect condition."


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