Saturday, November 12, 2011

The business manager explained that Google + Google is not a social network

No more than 100 days ago Google launched its firm commitment to social, Google +. Since its launch, has been considered a social network Faccebook direct competition. However, the business directory of Google, Nikesh Arora, Google has clarified that + "is not a social network" but "a platform for incorporating social elements in all the services and products" of the company. That is, the social roots of the entire ecosystem and not a Google product itself.

Google This new platform has continued to receive praise but also criticism . At several analysts who criticize the social network formerly known as Google's not going to nowhere and end up dying, joined responsible for all of the social revolution that lives Internet: Mark Zuckerberg . The creator of Facebook recently said that Google +, the search engine company is trying to build " the small version " of its popular social network.

Just days after these statements, Google has responded. As recorded by The Telegraph , The Google executive has said that Google + is a platform that incorporates social elements but not a "social network" such as Facebook. According to her, because we have seen how " YouTube has entered into Google + "and a" direct connection "is also entered in the search business. In this regard, Arora has indicated that Google + "is not just about bringing people together in one place and say it is a social network."

Google's directive mentioned, in this sense, the two products, Facebook and Google +, are not direct competitors. However, it has acknowledged that competing in some things . Arora "is sure that there are some features that compete with Google + features that exist on Facebook."

Launch of Google +

The CEO of Google, Larry Page announced in April 2011 before the launch of Google + have priority focus your business in a social strategy . After this release, users will now provide more information, either personal or about your tastes, all over the Internet space that occupies this company.

For its part, Arora said that the foundation of modern network "would be social and information base", but "obviously there's a fine line" on how much information may be shared with Internet companies.

Similarly, the executive has stated that "it is well kept with any company" certain information, but also must know where "is on the web." From there you can say that if anyone has information about you is "it will be used conveniently for you" in a service and therefore " not suspicious of those who have that information . "


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