Saturday, November 12, 2011

A way out of economic crisis: the profitable business to become hacker

In recent months attacks by hackers to large companies, the massive data theft and distribution of malware have become a constant. Security experts have always argued that the hackers have economic interests in these actions, but how can you enter with their crimes?

In some cases where security forces disarticulate groups of hackers are some economic data that give an idea of how lucrative the business could be illegal data theft. A recent example has lived with the arrest of hackers Estonians by the FBI , which has been estimated that since 2007, the six detainees have raised more than $ 14 million (10.1 million euros).

The security company Karpersky Lab has analyzed the malware infection statistics derived from online fraud more widespread in recent years to calculate the cost of the activities of hackers and the benefits they get with them.

The intervention of mobile phones to send messages to payment pages is another common practice by hackers, for example, Kaspersky ensures that a hacker has pocketed 144 euros for each data access to a user's social network selling on the black market. This type of data is highly valued, at a time when this type of service are a constant target of hackers. The market price explains the interest of hackers to get this data, and the ability to distribute malware and contacts with friends, playing with confidence, is the reason that the black market to pay much for this information.

The credit card data also have a hefty price. Kaspersky claims that are paid an average of 7 euros per full number of credit card. Although the damage may seem higher than the social network data, the use of credit cards is more guarded and cybercrime are more difficult to hide. Related to credit cards, Kaspersky states that the average theft of money in the accounts whose numbers have been stolen card is 7.2 percent.

Another very common practice in recent months is the intervention of mobile phones to send messages to payment pages. The hackers make use of vulnerabilities in the latest devices to take control of your phone and send SMS messages to premium rate telephone numbers. On average, this practice can cost 7 euros on average per phone, which will stop the 'hacker'.

These examples quantify many of the activities of the ' hackers 'and confirm that data theft and intervention devices have become a profitable business fraud .


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