Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Germany believes that Facebook is a "risky business" for users

The President of the Constitutional Court of Germany, Andreas Vosskuhler, has said that Facebook is "risky activity" to users about the possible loss of control over their personal data . Vosskuhler has warned of the danger that the network decided to move their servers outside the country . It has also insisted that users do not know if your data has been completely removed from Facebook once you have deleted them.

German Justice is investigating the activities of Facebook to find out if they incur any illegality. The President of the Constitutional Court of Germany, Andreas Vosskuhler, has made ​​statements against Facebook engaged in the magazine Focus .

According to Andreas Vosskuhler with current usage conditions, using Facebook is a "risky business" for users. The President of the German Constitutional find that users lose control of their data once they are posted on Facebook.

Vosskuhler explained that such "citizens do not know if the data is deleted after remove", this proves that they lose control of their data. The magazine Focus claims that this view of the President of the Constitutional indicates that the German justice to consider that some practices are in Facebook against laws of the country , they would have to be reformulated to have a clear position to the social networks and the Internet.

In his remarks, Vosskuhler also concerned about the Facebook strategy to establish their servers outside the scope of the law of the country . For the President's constitutional the practice creates a "dangerous imbalance" between the power of Facebook and the possibilities for starting legal action.


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