Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A hanger to recharge all types of devices

Breaking up the phone or art objects when its load is sometimes all a punishment, but may have a solution. The USB hanger allowed to leave the smartphone , music player, or both in the pocket of the jacket while recharging . With two USB ports, users do not lose sight of your gadget while charging on the hanger.

More than one user will have suffered to leave the house and verify that a device had been left loaded in the home for not having the jacket. The need to connect to the network devices to recharge its battery can make users forget to pick them up. This type of situation is common among the most clueless.

The battery rack attempts to reduce forgetting to pick up the phone or MP3. This has two USB ports where you can connect devices, whether smartphone or music players.

The mechanism is simple. Users only have to connect the USB hanger to electrical current to load equipment. Once connected, you just have to hang your jacket, connect the devices for loading and clicking a button that feeds power to the terminals.

This model, designed by Jae Yong Park, is one of several instruments denominated in the international design competition Spark Awards . This is proof that design, utility and technology can be united.


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