Sunday, November 6, 2011

Google made a change in its algorithm that will affect 35% of searches

After the update called Panda, applied in August to the Spanish search to improve results , Google has announced a significant change in their new search algorithm. The new package is called Caffeine and improvements, according to the company , will positively affect the 35 % of searches.

Google hopes that the new algorithm increases the "freshness" of the search results by prioritizing the most recent and relevant content. The aim is that the search at the top shows information and articles published a few minutes before and also stand out for its quality.

The company explained that in the case of events that recur periodically, such as awards, annual fairs or festivals, the browser will be able to discard the oldest references first and provide the latest information on the understanding that are looking for content about the latest edition (gala, celebration, etc.) and not on a 50 years ago.

The same applies to the content changed and updated frequently. For example, when searching for information on the latest smartphones, cars or any other product , with the new algorithm will be less likely to appear among the top results and comparative analysis of years ago.

However, Google will maintain and improve their ability to differentiate perishable contents of those timeless that are valid despite being old. Thus, the algorithm does not apply when looking for content such as recipes and beauty tips.


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