Sunday, November 6, 2011

The supercomputer with more capacity in Spain is called Teide in Tenerife is 1.0

The supercomputer with more computing power of Spain will be in June in Tenerife, a machine with a sufficiency of 1.0 petaflops , a million times faster than a normal computer, it will overtake both located at the National Supercomputing Center in Barcelona with 183 and 94 teraflops, respectively.

1.0 Teide 3120 have nearly 25,000 microprocessors and cores with a cost of eight million euros from Intel, with 3120 microprocessor and a total of 24,960 cores and 30 racks, the supercomputer will be located 1.0 TEIDE at the Institute of Technology and Renewable Energies (ITER), namely in its data processing center of the NAP (Neutral Access Point), has announced the ITER manager, Manuel Cendagorta .

A petaflop is a measure of performance, while the core is processing the data through mathematical operations. A microprocessor defines the speed of the computer and the number of operations you can perform. The computer also has a rack, which is like a cupboard which houses the equipment.

Weather forecasts and climate analysis, simulations aerodynamic geological models, DNA analysis and modeling of interaction of drug molecules, are some of the applications that have this equipment, which will serve private companies and the University of La Laguna.

According to the Head of ITER, the supercomputer Tenerife, besides being the first in Spain in terms of computing power , is the number two in Europe and is among the top ten worldwide.


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