Sunday, November 6, 2011

Facebook is better to create events, Google + wins in privacy and contents

In the world of social networking , today, there is an absolute ruler called Facebook . But beware, the birth of Google + has made ​​the social network Mark Zuckerberg put the batteries and speed changes and resolve many shortcomings that bothered many users.

The social network of Google , though very young, has shown more than one occasion to Facebook. What is more complete regardless of how many users you have? From Consumer offer a comparison between the two:

  • The question can be summarized that the best way to get in touch with friends and networking as well as create public and private events is Facebook.
  • For its part, Google + Facebook surpasses the time to share, publish and discover content and management of privacy.

Facebook has made ​​efforts to add features included in Google +, so that both already have several things in common :

  • Both Google and Facebook + can organize contacts into different groups . In this way, Internet users can publish content on their sites and decide which group of people wants to share.
  • Both allow video calls and have an instant messaging system for your contacts. However, Google + is the only one who supports videoconferences with groups of up to ten people.
  • The detection of the position of the user is also present in both networks.
  • Furthermore, these social networks allow you to indicate that something is pleasing to its users through a button called "like" or "like" in the case of Facebook, and "+1" in Google.

As for the type of relationships between contacts , Google + are not reciprocal. That is, it is not necessary before accepting a contact so you can access the content. Facebook has recently added a feature to all profiles to allow other users to subscribe to the content marked as public. However, this functionality is not enabled by default.

Among the differences that show both social networks are:

  • The types of profiles and the management of privacy . For Google, all profiles must be public users, while Facebook can set the profile to be public or private.

Facebook has social features like remembering birthdays , events or surveys, something that Google does +.

  • Content published : Google + includes a function to change the texts published in each status update or in the comments. In this way, you can correct spelling mistakes or update the content. On Facebook, on the contrary, this action does not exist and the only way available is to delete the comment and re-publish.

  • Images : Google + allows you to upload images to the platform without having to be public. This is not possible in Facebook, and all images uploaded to the social network is automatically published, although in this case it is possible to indicate a level of privacy for the album where they are integrated. In Google +, each image can be published to indicate the level of privacy to choose the circle with the sharing. In addition, Google + can find new content without having to follow anyone in the social network. This is based on their own algorithms and recommender systems.


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