Sunday, November 6, 2011

Applications that make the Apple iPad a peripheral for the computer

The arrival of the iPhone paved the way for a new medium in the computer age, that of the tablets . Many have ventured to say that they will withdraw from circulation to desktops and laptops , but the fact is that this still seems remote.

Tablets and PCs can coexist, 'help' and work together. If you look, for example, the iPad , we found a number of applications that make the tablet Apple a multifunction peripheral to existing desktops and notebooks, as explained from Consumer .

As mouse and keyboard : Applications HD RC Trackpad and Remote Mouse a substitute for traditional keyboard and mouse. Both require the installation of a client program on your computer, to establish remote connection with the iPad, and have an area to handle the mouse and keyboard functions extensively. They are compatible with Mac OS X and Windows XP (32 bit), Vista and W 7. Remote Mouse The cost is 1.59 euros, while RC Trackpad HD up to 2.99 euros. The price difference is justified by the major options in the second, as well as its greater precision to the touch.

Monitor : This application is made ​​to leave in the iPhone screen tasks pending or second order control processes that do not want to leave in the background. An application for this function is Air Display , priced at 7.99 euros.

Remote Virtual Desktop : Wyse PocketCloud is the most popular application to control the computer remotely. As the only requirement, both (tablet and computer) must share the same wifi network. Otherwise, works on both Windows and Mac OS X (Lion better than previous versions) and is supported by Google's Gmail platform, so you can use the user keys in it to make the connection .

Hard Drive : Air Sharing (Universal) is an application that makes the iPhone a manager of the hard drives of all user devices connected to the same wifi network. Its price is 3.99 euros and has pretty good reviews by users.

Scanner : DOCSCAN HD is an application that optimizes the iPhone camera to use as scanning paper documents, such as receipts or invoices, which then moves to a different digital file formats, including PDF and JPEG. It is a free application.

Webcam : The combination of IP Cam and iCam can give us a system of remote viewing webcam. With the first we can use the iPhone as a webcam and iCam, conversely, we can turn the iPhone on a monitor and control the different webcam manager that we are on. There is another option to monitor a remote area effectively. FaceTime is the function that allows establishing a secure videoconference between different Apple devices through a WiFi connection.

Graphics tablet : iGraphicPad (2.39 euros) and Mega Draw (4.99 euros) allow the use of the touch screen as the computer image manipulation to draw on them, so that it remains in a trace file that is stored on the hard drive and synchronized between devices. Most programs support editing, illustration and design market. There is a free trial for both, but it is actually very limited.

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