Sunday, November 6, 2011

The new Internet domains will allow companies to use its mark as web address

The new Internet domains, operating from 2013, will ensure the authenticity of the brands advertised on the network, and thus the user's security in their purchases , as this will know for sure that the business transactions are carried out with the official home.

This has been explained the director of business development for the Association for Core new domains promoting Internet, Marta TĂ©llez, during a seminar held this week in Madrid, which also involved the Association for the Protection of the Mark ( ANDEMA) of the Chambers and the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (SPTO).

In this new scenario in the network, Tellez has encouraged Spanish companies to " jump on the bandwagon "of new Internet domains, it gives them great advantages , he said, and foreign firms, in general, they are aware of it.

He added that companies should view this process as an " opportunity "to business , to expand and strengthen your brand online, rather than "a threat", which only has economic costs, because, he assured, not true.

Tellez recalled that the deadline for proposing new directions in the Internet by businesses, organizations and institutions will be open from January to April next.

It is estimated that, in this first phase of the process leading to the new Internet domain scenario, presented some 1,500 applications for evaluation, in order to further acceptance or rejection, Tellez said, from the provisions of ICANN, which is the entity that governs global Internet domains.

He recalled that the new domains on the Internet may include generic names such as. food,. love,. shop, and company names, in fact, some of which have publicly announced and who aspire to get:. canon. Deloitte. johnson, etc.

Also may be incorporated geographic domains , such as cities, as would be the case. berlin or. paris, and other linguistic and cultural , designed to preserve the language and culture of certain communities, as they are today. is. fr o. uk .

Currently there are about 250 country domains, and a score that are generic, added the expert.


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