Monday, November 14, 2011

A mobile application for hikers recreates the story of 'Tom Thumb'

A mobile application led to walkers , cyclists and hikers recreates the story of Tom Thumb , but the bread crumbs to mark their passage is now a GPS that registers the route.

It is a technology project called iCairn , available for Apple and Android , with tens of registered users, incorporating a guidance system augmented reality of natural areas.

Their leaders have explained that the system has "zoom" with visual data most remote places of the route and provides updates and real time of the spaces through which passes the hiker .

The initiative, developed by Spanish company Alborgis, was selected by SEGITTUR, under the 2010 call for aid to support innovative clusters in the tourism sector, the project also involved the Innovative Business Groups (AEI) Turebe, Turns Turincal and Rural.

The company responsible for Caesar Alborgis Lapuente said that apart from the record of the points of the route through which passes the user's mobile data gets updated the names of the rivers and the peaks to be found in your path, so as floral and animal species in its path, the type of livestock that may be grazing in the vicinity or nearby shelters.

The application is free to use and allows developing guidelines countryside individualized custom routes, and network shares with others, that can also download a website created for this purpose.


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