Monday, November 14, 2011

Buy a mobile phone: what should we consider?

If there are to choose from, that's the world of mobile telephony . When buying a new one must take into account what do you really need , what we know how to handle, what we will need for the daily routine and / or labor.

From Consumer offer a number of keys to follow when buying a mobile phone :

  • Or touch screen Blackberry : those who want to send emails with text can opt for the Blackberry, famous for its superb keyboard buttons. Lovers of touchscreen applications can choose to phones like the Samsung S Galaxy or iPhone. Touch screens are not as good for writing, but give much play and easy to navigate the Web from your mobile.
  • Operating System : Blackberry hardware limited more by system, since the models are not good touchscreen. Between Android and IOS, iPhone system, the choice depends on more factors such as their applications in download stores. For variety of applications and system stability iPhone wins, but this difference is narrowing and the future suggests that Android will be the dominant system and, therefore, the more applications you download from your store. As an advantage, Android Market allows for testing iPhone applications and payment, no. On the other hand, the operating system Windows Phone 7 works well and quickly running processes, but for now its ecosystem of applications is very limited download.
  • Just for call : opt for a cheap mobile (or free) of the many remaining low range. One option is to go to a store and buy the technology and then choose free mobile operator.
  • Camera : If we only keep them on the device or wallpaper will not need large resolutions, let us not be seduced by the pixels. If we work with them or share them on various websites, it is worth choosing a higher resolution.
  • Additional Features : You might not ever need network connection, mobile data-also called mobile Internet, we want our phone has more functions than just the call. We may be interested in setting a timetable for birthdays and doctor appointments or plan the week following a series of tasks. We also can agree that having a GPS, some memory to store songs or watch videos, radio, etc.. There are mid-range phones that provide us with these possibilities, and although the price rises, so do not exorbitant. In general, are devices that have web accessibility, but just not hiring this option. Keep in mind that today, betting on a high-end smartphone and then under-used is a waste.
  • Screen size and keyboard : the small mobile along very well in your purse or pocket, but reading your screen are a torment, especially if we eyestrain. They are good for making and receiving calls, but bad for additional uses such as storing photos or read text messages. As for the keyboard case if it is small, and that usability (especially for text messaging or typing on the Internet) is affected.
  • For seniors , the simplest of the market that follow the pattern of the first point and, above all, that has a keyboard and an intuitive enough big screen.


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