Monday, November 14, 2011

A report concludes that the network is key to recruiting terrorists from Al Qaeda

Internet, and specifically belong to a social network, "does not seem to play a significant role" in the radicalization of Muslims to the cause of Al Qaeda , concludes a report by the British Home Office ( PDF ).

This report, one of three on terrorism charge in 2009 by the previous Labour government, examines the most effective ways of attracting recruits and the profile of people likely to join extremist causes.

The study recognizes that social contacts are very important for the recruitment of militants, but not so much through the Internet and through direct relationships with people already involved in criminal or moral authority figures.

" It may seem surprising that the Internet plays a key role in the radicalization influenced by Al Qaeda, as is the means par excellence of social connection, "the document explains that the technology presents obstacles to the formation of intimate relationships .

"The personal ties with radical agents, be they colleagues, activists, recruiters or figures of moral authority, do play a key role" in attracting followers for causes like Al Qaeda, says the study.

This report contradicts other institutions in countries like the U.S., where only three years ago a Senate report ( PDF ) warned of the use of Internet by al Qaeda precisely to attract and recruit supporters .

Unclear Profile

In the British report, as the profile of the "vulnerable" to fall into the trap of extremist organizations such as the one leading the late Osama bin Laden, the researchers conclude that although there are common features can not define a specific prototype because it would generate "many false positives" .

Can be said however that in general, more likely to join terrorist organizations in the style of Al Qaeda are young people between 15 and 35 years who find it hard to cope with stress or difficult situations and who are committed to values ​​slightly moral and conventional rules .

Also influences the statement said, if these youth are at a "determinant" of his life , such as that just lost the job or have lost a loved one in traumatic circumstances.

To prevent radicalization, experts say, it is important to control the appearance and access to scenarios in which a moral authority figure can influence people vulnerable to terrorist ideologies.


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