Monday, November 14, 2011

Twitter must give account information WikiLeaks three alleged collaborators

A U.S. judge has ruled that Twitter must disclose the identity of three users, the organization allegedly linked to WikiLeaks .

The U.S. Justice Department began this research in 2010, Twitter has had to provide the IP addresses of the three defendants.

The Department of Justice U.S. reawakens the debate about privacy and the right to freedom of expression on the Net

The department had ordered Twitter to reveal the identity of three users microblog network , the organization allegedly linked to WikiLeaks.

Last month, Google and an ISP (Internet Service Provider, its acronym in English) also had to reveal the account information e-mail from a volunteer organization .

However, if these three Twitter users can generate the most controversy. As recorded by the U.S. newspaper The New York Times the Justice Department requested this information without a court order in 2010 .

Instead, based on the 1994 law called the Stored Communications Act (stored Communications Act), the government demanded that Twitter provide the IP addresses of the three users, and other data.

Twitter informed the U.S. security expert Jacob Appelbaum , Dutch citizen Rop Gonggrijp and Icelandic Parliament member Birgitta Jonsdottir earlier this year on the lawsuit filed by the Justice Department.

The defendants argued in federal court that their IP addresses "should be considered private information" and that the demand for information was too broad and unrelated to WikiLeaks. They also argued that the lawsuit violated his right to freedom of expression.

Meanwhile the trial judge ruled that because these three users IP addresses given "voluntarily" when they first registered on Twitter, from that moment gave up their privacy .


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