Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The mobile PC threaten the reign of ... and the web

The mobile phone users have increased data consumption by 47 percent in the last year , the study " Opportunity: the future of mobile communications ', developed by Oracle from a survey of 3,000 people worldwide. The opinion research reconfirms the moment of glory for mobile and tablet applications, and questions about how to access the internet over the medium term .

Among the Apple Store and the Android Market, in a few years s and have downloaded more than 20,000 million "Aplis" This figure shows a global change more data traffic on mobile, as reflected in Oracle; more navigation in indoor environments ( app), more internet on many devices ... and perhaps less web, SEO least less conventional navigation computer fixed.

For example, one fifth of the total traffic in the Financial Times on line comes from mobile devices. Moreover, according to analyst firm comScore , smartphone and tablet now account for 7 percent of U.S. digital traffic. and other data, this time from Nielsen : 62 percent of adults between 25 and 34 years who have mobile U.S. has a smartphone.

The true figure is still growing computer sales in the world, in particular 3.2 percent in the third quarter of 2011, according to Gartner - but experts believe it is a stagnant market . In the field opposite, rising steadily the number of Internet-connected smart phones (835 million users worldwide, according to Morgan Stanley ), are downloaded more and more applications (hundreds of millions every week), and little soon got used to navigate otherwise . Does all this mean the death of the web?, As recently said Javier Rodriguez Zapatero, leader of Google in Spain.

Mobiles replace the mp3
In the same survey for Oracle, known today, also says that mobile phones are set to ruthlessly devour other devices. In the 2010 survey, 54 percent of users questioned said that the phone replace your iPod in 2015, but in this year's survey, 34 percent say it has done .


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