Friday, November 11, 2011

NASA dismisses killer solar flares in 2012 s

Given the legitimate need to protect the Earth from the most intense space weather - great downloads of electromagnetic energy and particles that can be triggered by the sun - some people worry that a giant "solar flare killer" to launch the enough energy to destroy the Earth .

But in a statement, NASA has stated that this solar cycle has occurred for millennia. Anyone over 11 years of age and has lived an undamaged solar maximum . In addition, the next solar maximum is expected to occur at the end of 2013 or early 2014, not 2012. Most importantly, however, is simply not enough energy in the sun to send a fireball killer to destroy Earth.

This does not mean that space weather can not affect our planet. The explosive heat of a blaze solar can not go all the way to far into our world, but the electromagnetic radiation and energetic particles certainly can. Solar flares can disrupt temporarily the atmosphere causing disruptions superior signal transmission, for example, a GPS satellite.

Another phenomenon caused by the sun could be even more harmful, the U.S. space agency stands. Known as a coronal mass ejection (CME), solar explosions driving these bursts of particles and electromagnetic fluctuations in the Earth's atmosphere. These fluctuations can induce oscillations in the power that could affect the transformers in power grids. CME joints can also cause problems with the electronics on satellites and disrupt their systems.

In an increasingly technological world, where almost everyone uses mobile phones and GPS controls, not just automobile routes, but also navigation and extremely accurate clocks that govern financial transactions , space weather is a serious matter.

But it is a problem similar to hurricanes in the sense that one can be protected with advance information and precautions. Scientists are now able to warn of solar disturbances with potential effects on space weather in the terrestrial environment. But neither in the worst scenario, the sun flares are not physically capable of destroying Earth, NASA stresses.


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