Friday, November 11, 2011

The BlackBerry tablet does not give up Flash

Research In Motion (RIM) will continue to support their devices in Flash , although Adobe has decided to leave. From the creator of the technology believe that "RIM has the ability and opportunity to continue working" in Flash 11.1 for BlackBerry Playbook.

Adobe recently announced that it will slow the development of its popular Flash Player for use on mobile browsers, essentially admitting defeat to rival Apple, which focuses on substitutes like HTML5 , in a long battle over Internet standards. This decision comes after the fall of more than 11 percent of the shares of this company and the increasing adoption of other open source solutions.

As reported in QNX CEO Dan Dodge, the official BlackBerry blog , the strategic direction of Adobe valid "even more" RIM's decision to launch the BlackBerry playbook with a desktop browser without limitations in both Flash and HTML5.

The triumph of HTML 5
This does not mean that companies do not pay attention to new technologies to gain weight. According to the manager, Adobe and RIM innovation focus on HTML5 for mobile browsing and believe "is the best solution for web developers to create rich experiences of RIM's products, BlackBerry and other mobile devices," he added.

The HTML5 has taken off especially since Apple has refused to adopt the Flash , when considering the apple company that employs a lot of resources, as the battery, and may have security holes. Developers who used the technology owned by Adobe did not want to miss that its content was seen by users of the iPhone and the iPad and this standard has been gaining weight.


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