Friday, November 11, 2011

Motorola wins patent battle Apple

The sprinkler irrigated. After a string of hits court, Apple has lost a trial in Germany for infringement of patents. A court in Mannheim believes, at the request of Motorola, which has infringed two patents for the company related to wireless connections. This decision may involve the withdrawal in Germany Apple mobile phones, a situation that, for now, will not happen. The reason is procedural. Motorola has filed two lawsuits, one against Apple and the other against the German branch of the company responsible for the distribution of products in Germany. This court decision goes against Apple and not against the German branch so the sales ban is not effective. Apple has filed an appeal.

In Germany, Apple won a lawsuit against Samsung that led to the ban on selling the tablet Galaxy 10.1 in that country. German Apple went to court with the claim to get the ban on sale throughout the European Union, because this is a court driven by the EU to any dispute involving the directive on Community designs. Apple has granted community rights over the design of your tablet. Unlike other lawsuits that remains, this is not patent infringement is plagiarism, but by design. Finally, after initially banning sale throughout Europe except Holland, the court amended its decision on the basis of territorial jurisdiction and limited the ban to Germany. These two companies maintain litigation in ten countries and in 20 cases. In most demand the withdrawal of the product of local market competition.


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