Friday, November 11, 2011

Leaves Adobe Flash Player for mobile browsers

Adobe announced today that it leaves the Flash Player development for mobile browsers and focuses on improving the experience through language HTML5. Zdnet has issued an internal memorandum of the company in which you explain this movement, which many analysts see as a posthumous victory of Steve Jobs Flash Payer rejected already in the browsers of mobile phones in your company. Focus the development of Adobe Flash Player on PCs and mobile applications. In the case of browsers on these devices will cease in the development of new versions but will provide technical support to those who have. In the computer industry, both fish and Mac, will continue to develop.

According to the note, future mobile devices in Flash will focus on the development of native applications with Adobe Air. "No more Flash Player adapt to the new browsers of mobile devices," said the note.

This tendency to abandon Flash Player on mobile browsers initiated Apple and Microsoft also pointed out the intention of going on a similar line.

Adobe Air allows developers to create Flash and Adobe Air version handles that can be played in different versions of an operating system or different operating systems.

Last year, Steve Jobs published a furious letter against Adobe in which he explained the reasons why Apple rejected the Flash Player to function on their phones. Flash is the "PC was not the phones," said Jobs. Flash is "the time of the mouse, not touchscreens." Flash 'is not open, like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. " Flash, Jobs argued, neither "safe nor stable. We know that is primarily responsible for the errors of the Mac". Flash also "spends more battery power. On an iPhone, for example, the videos in H.264 decode work for 10 hours, but if it is decoded with software, takes five hours." Flash is cross-platform "and Apple can not rely on a third company deciding when you give developers tools." Finally Jobs suggested to Adobe that focuses more on creating good tools based on HTML5 and stop criticizing Apple "for leaving the past behind." In the recently published biography about the founder of Apple, Jobs explained that when he returned to the company asked Adobe to develop a program for video editing, that is a Mac version of Adobe Premier and Adobe rejected his proposal, arguing that lacked sufficient market share. Jobs grudge them since. "I put Adobe on the map and they screwed me," he said later.

More changes

This announcement will be accompanied by others. The company reorganized its business around two main areas: Digital Media, designed to provide tools and content creation in the bid to the Internet cloud, and Digital Marketing, analytical systems provide the owner of a service may decide on the business model.

The changes mean the dismissal of 7% of the workforce, about 750 workers. The company, however, employees sign new profiles to provide new areas.


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