Friday, November 11, 2011

Greenpeace gives HP the best grade

Greenpeace has released its annual report that assesses the energy efficiency and environmental monitoring of electronics manufacturers. This year, HP achieved the first position, overtaking Nokia , which goes to third place. Dell is in second and Apple up to fourth place. RIM appears on the tail of the classification. The average rating is down on previous years and that Greenpeace has introduced new criteria for evaluation.

This assessment takes into account energy efficiency, renewable energy commitment, respect for the environment throughout the life of the product (from manufacture to recycling) and limited use of raw materials, such as coltan, whose extraction in countries like real wars unleashed Congo. This rule change has benefited HP, however, only gets a note of 5.9 out of 10. Another factor that Greenpeace has taken into account is the purchase of paper companies that encourage deforestation. Dell (5.1) is second. In the note he has hurt his bad communication on their commitments to renewable energy and the duration of implied warranties and spare parts management.

Nokia back to third place with 4.9, affected by the low use of recyclable materials and mismanagement of the life cycle of their products despite having a good recycling program their devices. Apple ranks fifth (4.6) by, among other reasons, its commitment to limit the use of PVC. RIM closes the list with 1.6.


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