Friday, November 11, 2011

Twitter removes references and retweets

One of the features of Twitter , from its birth has been the ease of use. At first it consisted of a single tab. Essentially remains the same, but during this week are noticing changes in the way of organizing the interaction between users. The changes, as is customary in Twitter, are being released gradually and reach different users without a clear criterion.

The time line, middle of the screen remains as it was, however, mentions the tab disappears and the retweets. The first is when a user could see quoted the owner of the account. Whether it was to engage in a conversation, give credit or replying to a previous tweet. The message appeared to retuits most retweeted throughout the service, for our contacts and retweeted messages sent by the user that others have decided to reward giving retweeted button. It was particularly useful for the latter use to measure the success of the messages.

The new version mentions and links in one tab retuits which becomes @ username (whatever you call the social network). In the same you can see who answers, who adds a bookmark or decides content and retweeted.

Where once were the retuits now is a section called "Activity", unclear and constantly updated. It is a mix of content: what they like, retweeted and discuss our contacts with the most popular social network, all in one thread.

The controversy has created this new Sean Parker , Napster's creator and first president of Facebook. In your Twitter profile, released just over a month, attacks the changes. accuses the service of the blue bird copied from Facebook : "My comments relate to the new changes. Does Facebook Twitter envy? Not everything has be a string with updates. "

As is also usual in Twitter, there has been no official communication about the changes.


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