Friday, November 11, 2011

Network falls in Estonia and Russia four million infected computers

Six people in Estonia and in Russia have been arrested accused of altering control a virus of the Internet search and advertising that appear on Web pages. The FBI, which has cooperated in the investigation, estimated that cybercriminals have got a booty of $ 14 million (10.3 million euros) since the virus began work in 2007. Its presence was detected in one hundred countries and four million machines.

Once infected the machine, the virus, whose existence was not noticed by the user, the surfer who got asked to go to certain pages, such as the iTunes store, was redirected to another site. The same virus also altered the advertising that appeared on certain sites. The network charge for an increase in visits or embedded advertising. This malware, called DNSChanger, alter the system configuration domain request. Also prevented or nullified the installation of antivirus that may detect. The virus infects both Windows machines and with the Apple operating system.

The detainees had created a false advertising agency to collect the benefits. The defendants face prison sentences for communications fraud and one of them for money laundering. It also seeks the company that housed the servers that held the system to manage the control of the compromised machines. Trend Micro has been the security company that has collaborated in the investigations.

NASA was the first corporation to detect their existence. It is estimated that 130 of their computers harboring the virus, only in the U.S., half a million infected machines.

The FBI has published a page that the surfer can check if your computer is infected .


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