Saturday, November 12, 2011

The phone wins

The numbers are in the U.S. market but not surprised to see a similar situation in Europe. It seems that gaming revenues from mobile platforms will exceed the first portable console in 2011. Android developers will pocket iOS more this year than the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS / 3DS together. The figures, in fact, be almost the reverse of 2010. Is an estimate, but one that takes into account even the Christmas season, traditionally animated consoles.

The mobile games have nothing to do with handheld console games. It's a different market, are much simpler and shorter, designed to entertain a few minutes. There is no game with a deep history. No Zeldas and no way to put up with Kratos if any cumbersome controls for the touch screen. Judging by sales greater strain on the mobile gaming world has been created around the story of green pig-stealing birds eggs about suicide. Etc, etc, etc.

The reality, however, is probably the Zeldas and Kratos are already on the tables of a design studio and in the coming years will witness the birth of the first great classic mobile gaming world, titles that generations remember the future. Each year the graphics capability of mobile multiplies. While consoles are stable platforms that have maintained for almost five years the phone has not improved. The economy and the scale of both is different. The model of consumption and play well. But what these figures show is that you can make a market of 99 cents to 99 cents and a market can be even more interesting, or at least more lucrative-than the traditional model that we have had so far.

The world does not change the overnight and this generation of handheld bellows public still has Sony and Nintendo but these numbers can not be seen as maintaining the smile. Remember Nokia's attitude four years ago, with an iPhone newcomers who were welcomed , or from Apple itself in 1981 doing the same with IBM . We know how those stories ended.

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