Friday, November 11, 2011

Do you use the apps that people are low?

Who else who has any less, if you have smartphone . Although some predicted that the future is not in the applications, but in adapting web pages to mobile devices. Because it is cheaper. Because a web page with a browser can display whatever phone operating system. BenjamĂ­ Villoslada , co-founder of Digg , he insists in this sense that "it is essential to be prepared for the mobile web."

But the user experience is not the same. At least for now. The Mobile Marketing Association , which promotes development of mobile marketing worldwide, stands out in its White Paper on Apps , launched this week in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​the applications have advantages over other solutions, "especially when it refers to optimizing the capabilities of mobile terminals. "

"They can even run in situations where users have little or no Internet Connectivity" said the guide, which also emphasizes another important point for users, "the safe storage of your personal data." Something, however, has been questioned on numerous occasions. In late 2010, the Wall Street Journal detailing the personal data they send advertising companies some of the most popular applications of smartphones ( Android and iPhone ) without users being aware of it.

Still, the Pew Research Center , which provides data on trends, says that "the Americans' appetite for apps continues to grow." The center recently published a study that indicates that the number of adults who fall at least one application to the mobile phone has almost doubled in the last two years and the percentage of those who buy a handset that already includes some have gone from 38 to 43% in just one year. Now, 30% of mobile users and 33% of users say access tablet three and up to five applications a week.

However, there are those who have them but not use them. The Pew Internet says that this group represents 17% of users in the case of mobile phones, and 8% for the tablets.

As for the type of demanding applications, the study highlights related to news, weather, sports or the stock , which constitute 74% of the downloads, as well as the tools that help you communicate with friends or family, accounting for 67%. With or without app not seem to be the issue. Users search for useful services. Some choose and the intermediate solution: the web adapted where possible and when necessary app.


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