Friday, November 11, 2011

Musical tones for mobile, a business that moves even 2,000 million dollars

Digital distribution of music has evolved greatly in the last decade. The same thing has happened, even more significantly, with the mobile phone market. However, neither the one nor the other have significantly affected the business of mobile ringtones. These continue to generate a business of $ 2.178 million, a 34.4% market share of digital music (which generated in 2011 6.334 million), according to data from Gartner.

The study also projected that by 2015, the music industry online will generate a profit of 7,700 million , compared to 10,000 million industry still produce physical disks. But then it is expected that mobile ringtones market has reduced dramatically.

The consultant estimated that within four years, the business value of mobile tones will be dropped 32.7% and worth 1,460 million dollars. The decline in business will be significant but not surprising that currently has both value and that is expected in 2015 may remain more or less strong compared to other popular services (the 1,460 million representing a percentage will be taken into account).

The report notes that the sectors that will benefit most from digital music industry will be the streaming and music downloads. Services like Spotify or iTunes are in a bullish phase will continue over the coming years.

Projections indicate that by 2015 the subscription services have grown by 317% (2.218 million generated against the 532 that have generated in 2011) and music downloads, 11.5% (generate 4050 million compared to 3629 that have generated 2011).


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